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whoa i’m being attacked because i’m talking about my period now 

hell yeah

wow… slowly our lists of things we are allowed to talk about is getting smaller.

its okay for guys to talk about their penis’s and erections.. but if we mention the fact that once a month blood pours out of our vaginas we are in the wrong. fuck this world.

fuck the fact that you think we shouldn’t be allowed to talk about a NATURAL bodily function of women

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“I had been asked to be on [’Total Divas’] and said, ’No.’ That didn’t rub people the right way. Somewhere along the line, someone said, ’Well if she doesn’t want to do it, let her tell us why.’ That was the freedom I was given, and I went out there ready to tear people apart. That was awesome.“I didn’t really know what I wanted to say, and that was why you see very visceral, real reactions from the girls, because they didn’t know what was going to happen. It was just coming out of my mouth. I just went off on what I actually feel is important, and that’s wrestling. That’s what I think we need to focus on in our business. We have a title for wrestlers, not for ‘Cutest Girl’ or ’Miss Popularity.’ I wasn’t trying to get cheers or boos. I was just trying to speak my mind, and it just so happens that our fans side with me on that.

“When I got backstage, everyone was really pissed at me. That was a very real, raw moment. No pun intended. It stung, but the truth hurts.” — AJ LEE